The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House

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For the last half century, every American President has reached out to evangelist Billy Graham for both private blessings and political advice.

Over hours of exclusive interviews with Gibbs and Duffy, Graham recalled his encounters with every president back to Harry Truman, the message he shared, the fears he relieved-- and the risks he faced. Presidents Bush, Clinton, Ford and Carter, the First Families and top presidential advisors all agreed to discuss Graham's role in their lives, and in our politics.

Graham had an unprecedented vantage point: No one man or woman has ever been in a position to see the presidents, and the presidency, so intimately, over so many years. They called him in for photo ops. They called for comfort. They asked about death and salvation; about sin, and forgiveness. With that came an almost unbearable temptation for Graham: how far could a pastor go to help a friend -- and not become part of the political game?

At a time when the nation is increasingly split over the place of religion in public life, The Preacher and the Presidents reveals how the world's most powerful men and the world's most famous evangelist knit faith and politics together.